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VIM 2b is now available

Lightweight yet Powerful

VIM 2b is now available

Hi Michael here,

We would like to announce the official release of the VIM Eine 2b, this is a year long overhaul system update.
it has many features that are added to it and many major improvements. It is all thanks to our partners and support group that brought us with this update.

VIM Eine 2b Changelog

  • Improved UI
  • Improved Image Restore Point
  • 7th generation Board Support
  • Improved Win10 performance
  • Fixed Obsolete Shortcuts
  • Added better Hardware Config Import tools
  • Improved Game Disk Performace
  • Improved Boot Up
  • Better Bandwidth Management
  • Minor Bug Fixes


Thank you for your continues support.
PS: I will create the manual this week before batch 74 seminar starts. I was busy due to the holiday break

yours truly