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VIM Eine 2c is almost here

Lightweight yet Powerful

VIM Eine 2c is almost here

Greetings Lads and Lass.

This is Michael here founder of VIM Diskless Solution and i am glad to inform you guys that the newest version of vim is almost at our doorstep

after almost a year of development and other fixes we are now at our beta test of the newest version of vim and here are the following features that you

will expect on this update.

List of New Features and Updates

  • Server Side NIC Pnp Management System (you can now add NIC drivers directly to the image from the server)
  • Built-in DNS Filter (allows you to block sites, monitor internet usage, blocks malwares, blocks viruses and more directly from the server)
  • Ram Cache System (allows you to use a portion of your ram to cache the data of both the game/data disk and the image)
  • Better Windows 10 Support (stand alone win10 installer with pre-optimizations)
  • Active Directory Management (you can now assign each client to a different domain using only one image)
  • Improved Performance (faster, better and more stable)

All that new improvements while maintaining our trademark as one of the most lightweight diskless system in the market

Ram Cache  preview

NIC Management Preview

DNS Filter Preview


AD Manager Preview