VIM 2c is now Available

Lightweight yet Powerful

VIM 2c is now Available

Good day.

VIM 2c is now available with a better windows 7 and windows 10 support.

List of New Features and Updates

  • Server Side NIC Pnp Management System (you can now add NIC drivers directly to the image from the server)
  • Built-in DNS Filter (allows you to block sites, monitor internet usage, blocks malwares, blocks viruses and more directly from the server)
  • Ram Cache System (allows you to use a portion of your ram to cache the data of both the game/data disk and the image)
  • Better Windows 10 Support (stand alone win10 installer with pre-optimizations)
  • Active Directory Management (you can now assign each client to a different domain using only one image)
  • Improved Performance (faster, better and more stable)
  • Better security features.