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VIM 2d is here

Lightweight yet Powerful

VIM 2d is here

Greetings Lads and Lasses,

This is Michael here founder of VIM Diskless Solution and we are proud to announce that Version 2d is now released
after a long battle with the ever innovating computing technology along with its up to date parts we keep our team in touch with the needs of the users so we are also developing and adapting to the latest trends and parts

here are the patch notes

  • Supports 8th gen Intel Processors, AMD Ryzen and Athlon 200ge and higher.
  • Driver Enforcement Ready (no need to disable driver enforcement)
  • Better Stability
  • More Multi Hardware Specification Compatibility.

thank you for being a supporter of VIM DISKLESS SOLUTION
if you have a suggestion or question feel free to message or call me +639174536524 / admin@vimdiskless.com / m.me/VIMdiskless