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Lightweight yet Powerful

Introducing Gamesave Launcher

Game save launcher is a premium service addition to our diskless system. It allows your customers to play offline games and save their progress with ease. unlike the other game save managers on the market. in our gamesave launcher your customer just need to launch the game and login (create account if needed) and play…
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VIM 2d is here

Greetings Lads and Lasses, This is Michael here founder of VIM Diskless Solution and we are proud to announce that Version 2d is now released after a long battle with the ever innovating computing technology along with its up to date parts we keep our team in touch with the needs of the users so…
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VIM Eine 2c is almost here

Greetings Lads and Lass. This is Michael here founder of VIM Diskless Solution and i am glad to inform you guys that the newest version of vim is almost at our doorstep after almost a year of development and other fixes we are now at our beta test of the newest version of vim and…
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VIM 2b is now available

Hi Michael here, We would like to announce the official release of the VIM Eine 2b, this is a year long overhaul system update. it has many features that are added to it and many major improvements. It is all thanks to our partners and support group that brought us with this update. VIM Eine…
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Introducing the Members Page

greetings this is Michael again from VIM Diskless solution. we have a minor update here in our website and that is the members page. it will allow our clients and students to post things here and comment on our page. this is still under work in progress but we are letting people register

New Website

  Hi,  this is Michael from VIM, I just want to announce the new and improve version of our website. currently this is still under work in progress and hoping to finish this site before Christmas. Also i just want to inform everyone that a new version of VIM DISKLESS will be coming out soon.…
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