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Lightweight yet Powerful

VIM 2F is now Available

Greetings, Lads and Lasses. its been a year since the last update and now we are proud to announce that VIM 2f is available here are the changelogs. VIM 2F Changelog VIM Version can be found on the dashboard. Improved win10 gamedisk (it is now inside the dashboad gamedisk must be 64k file alocation) Improved…
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Protected: NXfilter Blacklist (add to ads category)

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Protected: Whitelist for K9 and NXfilter

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VIM Game Menu

Greetings lasses and lads. Since Cafe Game Menu are a thing we made our own version this will be included in all our service package. from seminars to software purchases and setups      

VIM 2e Released

Greetings Lads and Lasses, Were proud to tell you that VIM 2E Version is now Available. Changelog: Win10 Logical Gamedisk. Supports Intel 9th gen boards and Current Gen AMD boards for win10 (x64) and Win7 (x64) Better Smart Cache System for more stable experience Better Gamesave Launcher (has an option that only certain computers can create…
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Introducing Gamesave Launcher

Game save launcher is a premium service addition to our diskless system. It allows your customers to play offline games and save their progress with ease. unlike the other game save managers on the market. in our gamesave launcher your customer just need to launch the game and login (create account if needed) and play…
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VIM 2d is now in the making

Greetings Lads and Lasses. This is Michael here founder of VIM Diskless Solution since there are new devices that are released in the market and we want to cope up as fast as possible to the latest devices in the market. we are now developing a new version of our system that will handle the…
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VIM 2c is now Available

Good day. VIM 2c is now available with a better windows 7 and windows 10 support. List of New Features and Updates Server Side NIC Pnp Management System (you can now add NIC drivers directly to the image from the server) Built-in DNS Filter (allows you to block sites, monitor internet usage, blocks malwares, blocks…
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VIM 2C Development Update

Built in Captive portal will be removed and will no longer be available for 2c and future version (since piso wifi is now in the market we see no use for this feature anymore and it only makes the system heavy so we decided to drop this feature Win10 Auto Optimization Included Win 10 Gamedisk…
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